Saturday, 20 April 2013

Designer Profile - Sabina Stanne

Recently a new designer showcased her collection here in Vancouver and I had the opportunity of viewing her debut collection.  Sabina Stanne showed her collection to group of industry insiders and was well received amongst all in attendance.

I recently did a short interview with Sabina to learn what it is that inspires her and why she would choose to debut in a market as fickle as Vancouver.  I am always intrigued by designers that choose to debut in Vancouver, especially when they don't focus on sports wear or athletic clothing.  Vancouver is not an open city to new high end collections and the majority of designer label shoppers are tourists who visit the city in the summer months.  The new collection by Sabina Stanne could be described as evening wear which in itself is a hard sell, but she explains why it is she chose to stay here as opposed to return to her native Europe.  You can read my review of the collection after the interview.

I like this piece from the Fall collection.  The lace is a nice detail and I am all about the long sleeves.

WIS: What was your inspiration for the FW13 collection?

SS: The FW13 collection is my debut consisting of five dresses, plus two exclusive Resort pieces, made mostly of silks and laces sourced from Italy and Turkey. Being a first collection, I wanted to bring my European heritage into each piece's design and show what my line is about overall. I worked with a range of silhouettes and patterns to create classically elegant designs. For these seven pieces I was mainly inspired by the silk fabric and the graceful movements of it on a woman's body. I played with different cuts and back details, revealing the skin in a more daring, elegant way, rather than overtly sexy. I specifically used silk and lace, which in my opinion are the ultimate feminine elements in a garment.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Current Obsession - Pierre Hardy SS13

I don't know what it is lately but I've got shoes on the brain and I can stop thinking about them.  Everyday I want a new pair and I see all these lovely shoes for Spring and long for the weather to turn so I can start wearing peep toes and sandals again.  I can't wait for bright colours and softer shapes. 

One of my favourite footwear collections for SS13 is Pierre Hardy.  Not only are his shoes gorgeous, they are actually wearable, for like, a whole day. (Crazy!)  Fashion meets form.  I can't think of a better couple (take note Louboutin).  I love his use of interesting shapes and thicker heels as well as chunkier straps.  They just look comfortable which says a lot when looking at a 4 inch heel.  I'm also a huge fan of mixing brown with bold colours, it makes them pop even more.  Now only to be able to afford a pair.... 

Here are my picks from the collection.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

In The Know: AVEDA Born To Style Scholarship Program

Do you think you were Born To Style?  AVEDA is asking people who have a passion for hair to prove it for a chance to win a full scholarship!  That's nothing to scoff at folks.  If had a passion for doing hair the way I do for clothes I'd be filming myself right now.  Well, not literally, but you get the point.

All you need to do to get your chance at a FREE education with Canada's elite hair school is make a 2 minute video explaining why you think you are Born To Style.  And if you love doing hair as much as you say you do then 2 minutes should be a walk in the park.  Upload the video to their website under the school you wish to attend and get your friends to start voting.  Four videos are chosen to go to the finals via the judging panel and the fifth spot goes to the one with the most votes.  The five chosen ones from each city compete in a good ol' fashioned hair stylin' showdown and one walks away with a free ride to hair school.     

They are giving away scholarships to the AVEDA Institutes in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto so choose your school and get filming.  Best part?  Even the four runners up from each city get a little tuition help of up to $1,500.  Seriously, I think I might just take up hair school cause this is just too good to pass up.  Why don't they give away scholarships like this for fashion school?

For more details on how to enter visit their website at  If you decide to enter leave the link below and I will most definitely give you my vote.  

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Spring 2013 Couture - Day 3

Day 3 and the last of runway reviews.  Couture is very short as not all designers are allowed to pariticpate.  Probably best as the last thing any designer needs this day in age is another collection to produce.  Only the really big names that can afford the time and effort participate and a few smaller ones who focus more on couture and less on other collections like resort.  Three big names today providing a little whimsy, a little whacky and lots of classy.  


This collection was very pretty.  There was lots of use of beautiful structured fabric with tone on tone patterns.  At times, it got to be a little too wedding cake-ish but really stunning when toned down.  The collection moved nicely into lighter, sheer fabrics layered perfectly so as to not be too exposing.  Then it got into darker patterns and colours with black lace and sheer fabrics.  There was a point when it got a little too upholstery looking but other than a few mishaps, it was a really beautiful collection.  Of course, each phase of the collection had the signature red dress and was done very well for all the different fabric choices.

1) I love the detail on this dress and the fact it is tone on tone.  Very simple yet pretty.  I would get married in this.  2) Got to love the Valentino red and this dress is so classy.  I love the shoulder line and the cape effect that is created.  Gorge.  3) The use of layering sheer fabric to create interesting texture and colour is fantastic.  Again with the red they do so well and a beautiful neckline. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

SAG Awards Best Dressed

Let us take a quick break from Couture to talk about the SAG Awards who was the best dressed on this years red carpet.  I love award shows simply for the red carpet as it is a chance to see all those beautiful runway dresses actually used.  Cause lets be honest, nobody really wears them in real life.  Here are my top hits (and misses) for this years awards.

Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture.  I love the little rise in the front and the colours are so beautiful.  She also wore a shorter gown for the Golden Globes so kudos to her for taking risks.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spring 2013 Couture - Day 2

Day two had some big names but it was the underdog that produced the most interesting show in my opinion.   


This collection started out as typical Chanel does with lots of tweed.  There were some interested shapes and some pretty dresses which was nice to see as tweed can get a little boring sometimes.  About half way through the show, tweed disappeared and some great flowy fabrics hit the runway just in time to keep me interested.  Unconventional floral patterns and interesting shapes made for some really pretty dresses and although there was a lot of black, the interested patterns laid over the shiny black background didn't seem at all out of place on a spring runway.  I could have done without the strange frayed cutoff tweed pants worn under the skirts and think it would have been better if they had a proper hem but other than that, well done Karl you've done it again.

1) I really love the detail on the shoulder of this dress but I hate the weird cutoff tweed pants.  They make the outfit look a little cheap or pirate-y.  2) Again, the shoulder detail on this dress is so interesting.  I am really enjoying the boots/socks.  They create the illusion of pants but are shoes...I think.  3)  This dress is so cute with the great (again) shoulders!  It creates some nice interested on what would be a plain dress.

1) This fabric is great and makes for such a cute little dress but I love the shoes.  Looks like spats or old riding boots.  2) I love this pleated dress and was a nice departure from all the tweed.  It has such a great neckline and beautiful flow.  3)  I love this fabric.  Although it is quite dark, the bold floral print brightens it up making it great for spring.